Class Descriptions

Virtual Yoga Express:

Yoga Flow is a 30 minute class. This class will be taught virtually on Monday Nights @ 5:30pm! This class focuses on the mind body connection by flowing through poses while focusing on breathing. This class will require a yoga mat. Beginner friendly!

Virtual Sculpt:

This class is 30 minutes or less and is taught virtually over your lunch break! This non-aerobic class uses bodyweight moves, occasional dumbbells, resistance bands, and sliders to sculpt and tone your entire body!

21 Day Hydrate. Stretch. Reset. Challenge (January Challenge):

Happy New Year! Have the holidays just been tough on your mind & body? Let’s reset! This challenge is focused on building healthy habits. It takes 21 days to form a habit, we will be working daily on drinking enough water, stretching & deep breathing for the duration of the 21 days. FEEL GREAT going into the new year!

(April – August) Outdoor Yoga:

Outdoor Yoga class is a 45 minute yoga class every Monday night @ 6:30pm beginning 4/26. We go out on one of the golf fairways and enjoy yoga + nature. This is a vinyasa style class which means we flow through a sequence of poses. Each pose is held for several rounds of breath, so you can focus on building a strong yoga foundation. This class is great for beginners and intermediate students.

(April-August) Outdoor Stretch & Strength Class:

Stretch & Strength is a 30 minute class. This class will be weekly on Tuesday Nights @ 6:30pm and this class you must preregister for! Only 6 spots are available each week for this small group training class that focuses on mobility. This class will require resistance bands & a yoga mat. Exercises will utilize a mixture of dumbbells, resistance bands, and body weight to strengthen and stretch the entire body.

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