With the Superbowl happening tonight, now is a great time to talk about football players who golf!  Many of us watched star quarterback Tom Brady play in “The Match” before the start of the NFL season alongside retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and PGA tour legends Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. While Brady struggled throughout most of the round, his incredible hole out on the 7th hole from 150 yards out was awesome to watch.  Chiefs stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce also entertained fans playing alongside each other at the American Century Championship, celebrity golf competition, this past summer.  Kelce and Mahomes were fun to watch on the course together, and this was highlighted when Kelce sunk an eagle putt on 18.  After sinking the putt, Kelce and Mahomes yelled as if they just scored a touchdown and celebrated with a chest bump and a couple flexes, and chances are we’ll likely see some of that in the game tonight.

There are many other NFL players who golf, and many are very good players. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is a great golfer with a very low handicap, and he credits his impressive golf game to his former backup quarterback Chris Redmen, who used to constantly win money from Ryan by beating him in golf matches during their time together on the Falcons.  Retired quarterback Tony Romo is also a great golfer and might be the best, current or former, NFL player who golfs.  After retirement, he played in a few tour events and tried to make a playing career for himself. Currently, he is an NFL broadcaster, but his golf game is certainly very impressive. 

I think many current and former NFL players turn to golf as a way to continue playing a sport competitively against themselves and friends.  Watching some of the best athletes in the world take on golf can inspire all of us to get into the game. Tom Brady during “The Match” was offered 50,000 dollars from commentator Charles Barkley if he could hit the green on a par 3.  After shanking the ball 20 yards off target to the right and into trouble, Barkley joked that he should have just offered him the $50,000 if he could keep it on the planet.  While Brady is actually a very solid golfer, seeing the best quarterback of all-time hit a ball so poorly shows us how difficult golf can really be.  

Golf can be played for a lifetime, and many former NFL players take it seriously upon retirement.  After Brady’s golf round that day, he said he loved golf because at halftime of a football game they check for concussions while in golf you get offered snacks and refreshments.  All the more reason to pick up golf!

Enjoy the game! 

-Sam Cresta, Assistant Golf Professional at American Classic Golf Club