What is fling golf? That is the most common question I hear working behind the counter at the American Classic Golf Club as golfers check in and notice the unique New Swarm Sports FlingSticks hanging near the counter.  When asked that question, I enjoy explaining what fling golf is and encouraging people to give it a try. It is always great to see people interested and excited to give it a try sometime.  I also get a laugh seeing just how shocked people are to find out you only use one club, the FlingStick, when playing and can avoid the full set of regular golf clubs.   

FlingGolf, created by Alex Van Alen, is an innovative sport which combines aspects of lacrosse, baseball, and hockey with golf.  The game can be played on any golf cours e, and to play FlingGolf all you need is a FlingStick and some golf balls.  Your FlingStick will act as your driver, irons, woods, wedges, and putter, so there is no need to lug around a full set when playing this sport.  To fling the golf ball, simply load the ball up into the channel at the end of the stick and throw the ball from the tee to the green.  Around the greens, there are many chipping techniques and putting is done with the striker pad on the head of the stick.  There are also many different styles that can be used to fling the ball, and you will find the shot that works best for you as you play more often.  

Here at the American Classic, we offer FlingGolf and have rental FlingSticks in which you can rent out for your round. FlingSticks can also be purchased at if you want your own stick.  Since FlingGolf can be played alongside regular golfers, I feel that this is a great way for non-golfers to get out onto the course and have fun with their golfer friends.  The fact that fling golfers will only use the FlingStick and not a full set of clubs allows for pace of play to be kept up with anybody. 

I love regular golf and will always play as much as I can, but I also truly enjoy FlingGolf.  FlingGolf is a nice way to get out onto the course and chuck some balls around, and I have fun trying to improve and increase my fling distances off the tee.  Sometimes I like to bring a FlingStick out onto the course with me during my regular golf rounds to throw a few for fun (or when my regular golf game is lacking).  Bringing out the FlingStick can be a great way to find a fairway and change things up on the course.    

The last few summers here at the American Classic we have organized a laid back summer fling league on Friday evenings, and it was nice to see many new people out on the golf course for the first time who wanted to get out but struggled to pick up regular golf.  We will be bringing the league back this year and I cannot wait to see everyone out flinging again! We are also very excited to announce that we will have fun food and drink specials, making the fling evenings even better!  

Before the FlingGolf Fridays return, we will also be hosting a great FlingGolf fundraiser event to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on May 14that 6:00 PM.  No FlingGolf experience is required, and $15 dollars will cover the cost of your round and rental stick. All greens fees purchased will go to LLS!  Sign up HERE

Hope to see you all flinging this year! 

– Sam Cresta, Assistant Golf Professional at American Classic Golf Club

Come play flinggolf AND support a great cause! We are hosting a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on May 14th – tee off time is 6pm.
NO FLINGGOLF OR GOLF EXPERIENCE NEEDED!! We will teach you how to throw the ball with a flingstick and get you headed out on the course in no time, and its all for a good cause. Flinggolf is very easy to learn and really fun to play, you are basically playing golf with a flingstick instead of golf clubs.
– We will play in groups of 5 or 6 (scramble format)
– Walking
– Cost: $15 and all of the greens fees go straight to LLS!
– Beer cart will be going around during the round (we also have a bar & grill at the clubhouse if you need other food and drink)
– 50/50 closest to the pin contest (Bring cash!)
– Flingsticks are provided but if you have your own, bring it!
– Flinggolf is great for any age! It’s easy to get the whole family involved
Learn more about Flinggolf here:
This event is to support Jacki Schell’s efforts in raising money and awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She has taken on the challenge of helping LLS and is running for woman of the year! If you would like to just donate to the cause, please contact Jacki Schell to learn how you can help or donate to LLS.
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact American Classic Golf Club at 302-703-6662 or email us at


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